Time To Think


Sometimes I feel like I’ve missed something in life.
Some lonely days make me think about you and me,
Make me worry about us and our love,
And I ask myself: Is this worth all my fear, all my thoughts?

And finally … I made a decision, without recognising it.
Because a relationship isn’t about thinking at all.
It’s about fear – it’s about worry.
But never the less it’s about love.

And whatever comes this way,
There’s only one thing I can be sure of:
My never ending love to you.

And everyday I beg for yours,
Hoping it will come back to me as mine does to you.

My head tells me to relax,
Tells me there is a reason for us,
A reason for your staying with me,
Tells me there is love.

And even though my hardest wish has not been fulfilled yet,
I’ll stay – to feel your love someday.
And the only thing that’s left for me is hope.
Hope for me,
Hope for you,
Hope for us.

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