I feel strange

just strange

don’t know why

don’t know when it started

don’t know when it  will stop

just feel a little bit strange

Strange to be here

on a place called earth

strange to do what I do

strange to see what I see and hear

what I hear

strange to stay like I am

to stay so calm and resistant

to go on like nothing

strange perhaps to be who I am

to live my life in that way

a strange wish to to be wide away

in another kind of world

with justice & peace & no bureaucraZy

no borders no nations

strange feelings in my head & body

strange thoughts like no thoughts

it’s such a day or evening you suddenly

just wish it passes soon

and that you’ll wake up to a new day

a clearer day a normal day

strange to write here

like nothing happened

like nothing’s changed

like the days before

nice to write here

trying to clear my head, my thoughts

helps to reflect and just forget

just to write what comes in your mind

Strange persons running around

strange jobs people have

strange way life is organized here in our time

strange ways of handling with humans

strange problems & thoughts „those“ people see and have

forgetting the real things

forgetting the humanity

forgetting that we’re all just humans

noone better than the other

forgetting or never thought of the possibility

to be in the same situation like “those”

never thinking of the possibility that

everything could turn the opposite way

could change the sides

change north & south and east & west

I love to live

but feel like I forget how to live

like I’m living without recognizing

that I am

I am existing

in that world