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EDNA EDNA schrieb am 2. Mai 2011 um 22:24:
IM so long around 2o years get married 2kids we are happy during the children is small Iam a loving mother and responsible to my duties as a good mother to my children Ialways thinking what is the best thing I can share with them happiness for infact I forget my self just because of my love with them whin it comes in trubled and problem Iam always with them lateron whin starting at the aged 14I noticed with them they starting the character is different I WAS NOT ABLED to do something what is the reason why is not satesfied what I did for infact how Itried to be share my whole life the good sool is gone who is the mistakes for infact I got my duties this is make me feel not worth for many years I suffered just for them after all I gain nothing is onyl paining in my heart body and emotion that because of silfishness arogant they dont care what the other needs is make me my soul in darkness side in life but only God is my side love me its meracles made this good power that to obtain the reality of life family education is the basis of good soul
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